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Opiate Prescriber Mentor

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The Ohio Opiate Prescriber Mentor ECHO Program was a cycle of 12 foundational topics that contribute to a knowledgeable caring MOUD practice. This program reviewed the following topics:

Philosophy of Care: Harm-Reduction vs. Abstinence-Only in MOUD Practice
Motivational Interviewing
Formulations of Buprenorphine
Decreasing Stigma and Increasing Support for MOUD
Patient Selection for MOUD Success
Adjunctive Medications and MOUD
Addressing Common Mental Health Concerns in MOUD patients
Office Practices for MOUD Success
Diversion of Buprenorphine
Understanding Federal and State Regulation of MOUD
Unexpected Results in Drug Testing
Methadone and XR-Naltrexone in MOUD Treatment


Discussion centered around these topics and provided by participants who know the science but are learning and sharing the art of MOUD patient recovery.


Ohio Opiate Prescriber Mentor Participant Feedback

“I felt energized after presentation and to the analogies (that) were used to address the philosophy of care.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to learn for free.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in ECHO groups each Friday morning. I look forward to future events and courses offered.”

“The ECHO has enhanced my MOUD knowledge and patient care.”>

“Wish more MOUD physicians and support staff would avail themselves to the webinars. Keep up the GOOD WORK!”

“Love the Opiate ECHO. Although I am not currently working with medication assisted treatment I like staying involved with the concepts of good practice. I always learn something new.”


Emily Murphy
Director, Center for Integrated Primary and Mental Health Care
Phone: 330.325.6812

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