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Ohio Opiate Continuing Education Program


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The Ohio Opiate Continuing Education program gathered Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) providers, support staff and other healthcare professionals to learn, share and discuss topics relevant to OUD patient and family recovery. Continuing Education topics varied each Friday and were driven by emerging issues, evolving research and participant requests. Past topics include Relapse Prevention, Weaning Suboxone, Detoxification in Pregnancy, MOUD and PTSD, Setting up an Emergency Department MOUD Program, Overview of Current OUD Literature, Efficacy of Buprenorphine in Depression, Initiative an MOUD Program in Jail, etc.


FEEDBACK from Ohio Opiate Continuing Education ParticipantS

“Even after 3 years of working with Medication Assisted Recovery, I benefit from the information of individuals who have evidence-based information that informs clinical care.”

“Great insights and experiences. Thank you to for sharing and everyone who was on the webinar.”

“Thank you for keeping us informed and current as we strive to provide excellent care to the individuals and families we serve. I especially appreciate your pointing out skills and techniques we can improve.”

I will incorporate more distress management techniques with my patients.”

“(I have) increased comfort using combo-formulation in pregnancy.”

“…having a doctor of Pharmacy on the team is priceless.”

“It’s always a valuable use of an hour on Friday afternoons. Thank you for the time and effort the team invests in consistently imparting relevant clinical material that informs our work and directs us to further study.” 

“These types of meetings are the best ones. Rather than strictly teach the science of MOUD practice meetings like this one help us with the art of MOUD practice. Having someone to talk to and hear other experiences is crucial.”


Emily Murphy
Director, Center for Integrated Primary and Mental Health Care
Phone: 330.325.6812

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