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Role of the President

The President serves as the chief executive officer of NEOMED and is responsible for ensuring the University delivers outstanding academic programs to its students and utilizes its resources effectively with integrity to fulfi ll its mission. The President reports directly to the Board of Trustees and is ultimately responsible to the Board for the supervision and administration of all matters pertaining to the University and its colleges and programs.

As chief executive, the President is the chief internal and external advocate and voice for NEOMED’s programs, students and faculty. The President is the liaison between NEOMED’s faculty, students and staff to the Board of Trustees. As such, the President fosters communication with and among all trustees and NEOMED’s community. The President also respects the priorities of and furthers the initiatives of the Board. The President is responsible for successful development and implementation of NEOMED’s strategic and budget plans to the Board of Trustees that advance the University’s goals; implements the development of major policies; and keeps the Board apprised of significant issues and conditions that have implications for the University.

The President serves in an ex-officio capacity (without vote) on the Board of Trustees and all Board committees; but may not serve as chair. Currently reporting to the President are:

  • Chief of Staff and Secretary, Board of Trustees
  • Vice President for Human Resources and Diversity
  • General Counsel and Chief Technology Transfer Officer
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Vice President for Advancement and NEOMED Foundation President
  • Vice President for Government and External Affairs
  • Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean, College of Medicine
  • Vice President for Research and Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Roles & Responsibilities

NEOMED is seeking highly motivated, energetic, visionary candidates whose work ethics will advance the mission and priorities of the University through partnerships and collaborations in the complex milieu of higher education. The successful presidential candidate will:

  • Be the chief advocate for NEOMED student success.
  • Ensure the mission and vision are directly reflected in a meaningful and practical strategic plan that contains measurable goals and operational objectives.
  • Serve as the chief spokesperson for NEOMED.
  • In conjunction with the executive leadership team, establish and oversee an organizational structure that provides guidance and oversight to meet the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Work with the Board of Trustees and other senior leaders to establish an effective communication strategy throughout the organization.
  • Create and support a culture of collaboration and integration that ensures excellent education and research which fosters innovation and creativity.
  • Openly support policies and practices that recognize the importance of recruitment and retention, development, diversity and talent management to ensure the leadership, staff, and faculty required for a successful university.
  • Ensure financial strategies are in place that take into consideration the market and fiscal forces at the state, regional and federal levels to achieve and maintain strong financial health.
  • Understand, embrace and enhance NEOMED’s commitment to community engagement, innovation and interprofessional education.
  • Create strong and sustainable partnerships with regional health care systems that will bring value to both NEOMED and the health systems.
  • Strengthen and advance the synergistic academic partnerships with regional public universities and other educational partners in Northeast Ohio to further health sciences education and community needs.
  • Collaborate with the other public university presidents on the Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) to facilitate the development of common interests and concerns of its members and to assist in sustaining and improving the quality of public higher education. The IUC, which consists of 14 public universities, also engages in public relations, research and government liaison work on behalf of its members.
  • Build dynamic partnerships with the regional business community to ensure that NEOMED is a vital partner for Northeast Ohio’s economic development.
  • Effectively build successful governmental relationships with local, regional, state and national leaders to further NEOMED’s mission and vision.
  • Build a dynamic infrastructure to personally engage alumni and philanthropic donors to support and advance NEOMED’s programmatic goals.

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