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Recognizing the dynamic environment that a 21st century, publicly-supported and community-invested university of the health sciences faces, the next President of NEOMED will have singular focus on supporting the success of students entrusted to their care while concentrating on the following priorities:

Establish NEOMED as the national leader in community-based health sciences education.

The next President is expected to leverage NEOMED’s geographic location and extensive partnerships with local Northeast Ohio universities, regional health systems and political bodies to ensure that NEOMED achieves its vision to be the premier community-based interprofessional health sciences university in the United States. Under the new President, NEOMED will become the model of a publicly-supported academic health sciences university with extensive clinical, university, business and community partnerships. The President of NEOMED will be the chief external and internal spokesperson for NEOMED’s aspirational goals to achieve excellence.

Strengthen NEOMED’s educational and research capacity to advance its mission.

NEOMED’s mission to recruit, educate and retain health care professionals in the Northeast Ohio region has been met with great success. Given this success, there remains opportunities to add new programs that will favorably impact the community. The President will ensure continued accreditation and certification of programs for each of the colleges and the University, as well as regulatory compliance for research. The new President will sustain and foster new academic partnerships within the state of Ohio and leverage the opportunity to jointly pursue state funding and private resources. With the significant investments and infrastructure enhancements to promote research, including building support for faculty, students and clinical partners, NEOMED has become an incubator for basic, clinical and translational research in rural and urban underserved communities. This has resulted in significant external funding that is expected to further increase.

Enhance NEOMED’s organizational culture to ensure sustainability, transparency, and innovation.

The next President will need to lead from the “front” for both external and internal constituencies. The President will need to continue the momentum that NEOMED has achieved over the last decade. With the growth in buildings, enrollment and academic programs, the next President must also ensure that the administrative structure, workforce, services, processes and budgeting are designed to support the current University as well as to anticipate future growth and development. NEOMED’s success has been the result of innovation and flexibility. The next President will build on the University’s strengths while ensuring the sustainability of quality academic and research programs and institutional personnel and physical plant.

Advocate for NEOMED’s resource needs among multiple constituencies to ensure institutional objectives are being met.

NEOMED recently closed an aggressive comprehensive University campaign that provides support for student scholarships, community health, facilities, and innovation and research. The next President is expected to build upon the successful Shine On campaign, and will need to work closely with the Board, senior leadership, alumni, elected officials and community partners to align resource development with strategic priorities. The President will be expected to identify new sources of revenue and lead NEOMED’s fundraising activities.

Build effective clinical partnerships that bring value to the education and research programs at NEOMED and to its partners.

Recognizing that NEOMED is a free-standing academic health sciences university with limits to its currently available revenue streams, it is imperative that the next President build and sustain strong clinical partnerships and Ohio’s political networks to ensure that NEOMED is recognized as a vital component of Northeast Ohio’s future growth and development. Strong and vibrant clinical and political support is required for NEOMED to meet its mission of providing high quality, affordable health sciences educational programs that serve the population of Northeast Ohio and preserves the quality of students who enter and the graduates who leave NEOMED.

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