In an Emergency

Pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call the University Police at 330.325.5911 or 9-1-1 (dial 9-911 if using a campus phone).

If you notice something unusual or something that causes you concern, call 330.325.5911 at any hour.

Non-emergency questions may be directed to NPD at 330.325.5911 or

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)

Who are CSAs?
  • Officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities
  • A campus police or security department
  • Individuals who have responsibility for campus security
  • Individuals or offices designated to receive crime reports
Examples of CSAs
  • Resident Assistants
  • Residence Life Staff
  • Greek Life Advisors
  • Coaches and Athletic Directors
  • Dean of Students
  • Faculty Advisors to Student Groups
Who Are Not CSAs
  • Faculty who do not have responsibilities outside of the classroom
  • Campus physicians or nurses whose only responsibility is to provide care to students
  • Pastoral or professional counselors acting in those specific roles
CSA Responsibilities
  • If someone tells you about a crime or an incident that might be a crime, you must report it to your institution’s designated office or an official responsible for collecting Clery report information.
  • Share the information as related by the person.
  • When in doubt, report.
  • Tell the person who disclosed the crime to you that you must share the information.
  • Help connect the person to available options and resources within the institution.
What Happens After a Report?
  • Crime statistics
  • Support and resources
  • Ongoing communications
CSA Training Video

Contact Us: Non-Emergency

NEOMED Police Department
Phone: 330.325.5911

NEOMED Police Department

Department of Public Safety & Security