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On January 4, 2019, Ritzman Pharmacies Inc. announced via press release the sale of 20 community pharmacy locations to CVS Caremark. Discussion by the college and university leadership led to a decision to continue operations of the on-campus pharmacy with no additional partner.

A survey of university faculty, staff and students was initiated in March 2019 to engage these parties in the selection of the new name. In 48 hours, a total of 176 votes were cast and the majority selected “Rootstown Community Pharmacy” as the preferred name. The newly named entity was launched in April 2019. To date, the business has been successful and is well under way with success in sight.

Consideration is being given to moving the pharmacy location to the north side of the building and into a smaller footprint. Several customer enhancements, such as installing a drive-up window, are being reviewed.


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