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Tarra Bryant, RPh

Preceptor Spotlight: Tarra Bryant, RPh


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We spoke with Tarra Bryant, RPh, who is a preceptor at AIDS Healthcare Foundation Pharmacy. Dr. Bryant has been a preceptor for two decades. She feels privileged to expose students to a workplace they would not normally be exposed to. “It is humbling to stay sharp on areas of pharmacy practice that is a not a part of day-day routine.”

Dr. Bryant has hosted 22 students since May 2018 and has four more students this spring!

Why did you choose pharmacy?

I wanted to help people and pets get well, stay well and help them smile.

what advice and tips do you have for new students or young professionals about starting careers?

There is no straight path to where you are going. Careers are not ladders but jungle gyms, you don’t have to have it all figured out now. Know where you want to go and planning along or make a concrete plan to help you get there can help push you towards your dreams. Ask yourself how can you improve yourself, what am I good at, what am I afraid of trying (this should then be what you work on). The goal is to make yourself invaluable by learning the skills you are lacking.

what are the benefits of hosting students?

a. Help stay current with treatment modalities and medications not specific to specialty.
b. Help student learn where their skills would fit best in a pharmacy setting.
c. Students bring innovation, new techniques and ideas to reach patients and keep them involved in their care.


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