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Preceptor Spotlight: Sara Caudill, PharmD


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We spoke with Sara Caudill, PharmD, who is a preceptor at Seidman Health Center (formerly Chagrin Highlights Infusion Center). Dr. Caudill has precepted 13 rotations since May 2018 and will have eight more students this spring!

What advice/tips could you provide to new students and young pharmacy professionals just starting their careers?

Be humble and not afraid to admit what you don’t know. You are entering a profession that requires you to be a lifelong learner, so don’t be afraid to admit when you need to clarify or confirm an answer before delivering it.

Always be willing to do everything. Learn what your technicians and interns job responsibilities are, because at the end of the day it becomes your responsibility to manage and verify all the work and if you don’t have a good understanding of how it’s completed it could come back down on your shoulders.

What is your philosophy on the practice of pharmacy?

If you find a need, fill it. Our roles are forever being reshaped and redefined, sometimes not by pharmacists, so be adaptable and present. We can’t change our profession for the better if we aren’t speaking up for ourselves and showing up to the table.

What positive attributes do students provide your site?

We are always learning something new when students are on site. Between learning more in depth pharmacology or reading an article on a treatment regimen we utilize, the students are always helping us learn and reinforce our current knowledge. It also reignites the passion I have for bettering this profession.


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