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Preceptor Spotlight: Robert Nearhoof, PharmD (’11), R.Ph


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We spoke with Robert Nearhoof, PharmD (’11), R.Ph, who is a preceptor at Klein’s Pharmacy State Road. He has hosted 25 students since May 2018 and is scheduled to host 11 more this spring!

What advice/tips could you provide to new students and young pharmacy professionals just starting their careers?

Experience as many different aspects of pharmacy as you can, ask as many questions as possible. Pharmacy has a lot of different avenues to be able to practice, many young professionals may be surprised by which avenue interests them if they originally have their mind set on one specific area.

What is your philosophy on the practice of pharmacy?

My philosophy on how I practice pharmacy is to be there for the patient, to help them determine what may help, especially when they don’t know what questions to ask. I believe listening to a patient is important, asking them questions, and to listen to them to help find solutions to their problems.

What positive attributes do students provide your site?

Students bring fresh ideas, updates on medications and guidelines, and continue to provide valuable manpower in areas of our pharmacy where we need them the most. On a personal note, they challenge me to be better, and motivate me to continue to do what I love.


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