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Preceptor Spotlight: Allene Naples, PharmD


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We spoke with Allene Naples, PharmD, who is a preceptor at University Hospitals Specialty Pharmacy. She has hosted 11 students since May 2018 and will have three more this spring!

What advice/tips could you provide to new students and young pharmacy professionals just starting their careers?

Expect and accept that you are not perfect, you will fail and you will be told no.  You need to choose to pick yourself up and try again.  Do not be afraid to take an alternative path to reach your goals, which might be harder, take longer or require more of yourself to achieve.  Keep an open mind and be willing to go the extra mile or tackle the difficult patient cases or departmental projects – this will set you apart from the rest.

What positive attributes do students provide your site?

Students bring fresh eyes and excitement to our practice site.  Our team values the work we do here for our patients and collaboration among the various teams.  It is great to share our patient advocacy and the challenging, yet rewarding work that we do with the future pharmacists!

Would you share the benefits of hosting students on rotation?

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their personal and professional journeys.  Students are typically very eager and motivated to learn, to help and to grow.  Being a part of the academic process in an experiential, real-world practice setting, gives us the opportunity to showcase a specialized area of pharmacy while also getting to know the students and their interests & goals.


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