Community Educator Program

Through the Community Educator Program students meet with volunteers at least three times a semester to advance their pharmacy practices skills. During visits, students are presented with opportunities to effectively connect with patients to:

  • identify, resolve and prevent drug therapy problems,
  • recognize personal and social issues that affect medication use, and
  • learn the value of responsibility and trustworthiness as a health care professional.

Student Education Experiences

Students will be given assignments for each visit, which will include:

  • Medication history taking
  • Counseling and advising on over-the-counter drugs
  • Interviews to gain an understanding of health care issues faced by seniors
  • Investigation of community resources that promote health and wellness
  • Discussions of wellness and the role of exercise, nutrition and mental attitude towards successful aging
  • Review of medication adherence and adherence aids
  • Medications and storage conditions
  • Discussion of home safety and risk of falls

Become a Community Educator Volunteer

The College of Pharmacy Community Educator Program is looking for active, older adults who live independently in the community and are willing to share their health experiences with our pharmacy students.

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