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On July 1, 2018, the College launched a new 3-year strategic plan. The plan was shaped by major stakeholders through an inclusive and collaborative effort. It is focused on strategic goals in four key areas to further advance the mission and vision of the college:

• Curriculum & Student Experience
• Research & Scholarship
• Outreach/Relationship Building
• Operations & Finance

As of December 31st, we will be halfway through our Strategic Plan 2018-21! Over the past year and a half, the College has made significant strides toward achieving our goals. Progress has been made in all areas of the plan, with many additional initiatives in the planning stages. Notable accomplishments include: (1) implementing a new curriculum for AY 2019-20, (2) increasing student enrollment, (3) creation of new recruitment “pipeline” events, (4) establishing an annual scholarship (research) day for faculty, (5) hosting a new preceptor development event on campus, (6) establishing the offices of education and student success, (7) re-organizing the administrative support structure, (8) and launching College social media pages – just to name a few.

Our achievements thus far were made possible by the commitment and tireless efforts of our faculty and staff. Moving forward we will be hosting forums on each area of the Strategic Plan to provide increased opportunities for engagement in the plan to ensure sustained progress in all area of the plan. We are proud of the accomplishments we have made thus far and are looking forward to continuing this momentum into the second half of the plan and beyond.

For more details about the College strategic plan, go to: https://www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/about/strategic-plan/


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