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The Crisis Response Continuum

The Crisis Response Continuum will be in Columbus at The Fawcett Center on March 21 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Crisis mental health services fall on a continuum from community-based to facility-based services provided by first responders, mental health and emergency medical clinicians in a variety of settings.

In many communities in Ohio, there are substantial gaps in the continuum resulting in multiple poor outcomes including unnecessary incarceration, less than optimal evaluations in overloaded medical emergency departments leading often to long stays (“boarding”) in emergency departments, and inadequate discharge planning and community follow-up resulting in a revolving door.

This conference is geared toward medical and mental health professionals who are on the frontline of care for those in a mental health crisis, as well as judges and attorneys.

Applications for continuing education credits have been submitted. Information will be uploaded to the webpage on a continual basis.

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