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NEOMED Offers Low-Stakes Experience For Those Interested in Medical School

Considering the possibility of attending medicine school is a difficult process full of uncertainty. NEOMED’s Anatomy Academy offers a low stakes way to gain both the knowledge and the experience to help you in that process.

The NEOMED Anatomy Academy is a two-week course for students and adults that allows participants a hands-on, low-stakes experience for those interested in medicine and anatomy. The course features daily morning programming – lectures, discussions and clinical sessions ―that help to engage participants in understanding the core concepts of human anatomy while preparing them for the content and rigor they may encounter while pursuing a graduate degree in a health profession.  During the afternoon sessions, students will be able to dissect human cadavers and view brains, spinal cords and organs while learning basic suturing techniques.

Both sessions are taught by Dana Peterson, Ph.D., an award-winning, nationally-renowned professor of anatomy and neurobiology at NEOMED, with assistance from students in the University’s College of Medicine.

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