General Surgery

Surgery Clerkship

Performance Requirements

To meet the minimum requirements necessary to complete the Surgery Clerkship satisfactorily, the student must:

  • maintain professional appearance and behavior at all times,
  • perform all required activities,
  • complete Clinical Skills Experience Portfolio (CSEP) to the satisfaction of the clerkship site director,
  • complete and present results of the NBME practice subject examination to the site director at the mid-clerkship review session
  • obtain approval of the Clerkship Site Director prior to any absence,
  • completed required WISE-MD modules,
  • view core lecture videos on AIMS,
  • complete and present a Practice-based Learning and Improvement Project,
  • pass the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) subject exam, and
  • complete the end of clerkship evaluation (feedback) survey.


Joann Hayes
Phone: 330.325.6330

Department Chair

Nancy Gantt, M.D.
Phone: 330.325.6330

Department of General Surgery

College of Medicine at NEOMED