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The College of Medicine Introduces New Committee Appointment Process and Members for 2019-20


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This past February, the College of Medicine introduced a new appointment process for its seven standing committees: Admissions, Curriculum Management and Assessment (CMAC), the three Committees on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP 1, CAPP 2 and Executive CAPP) and Non-Tenure Appointments and Promotions.

The new process is driven by a faculty-elected COM Bylaws Nominating and Membership Committee. In the past, members of this committee were appointed by the administration, but that is no longer the case. The new nominating committee consists of three Rootstown-based faculty and three clinical faculty who are chosen by faculty vote (an electronic ballot was distributed this past March).

In May, a call for nominations was sent to all faculty, with a listing of all open committee positions. The College received 36 faculty nominations for the 14 open positions, the majority coming in as self-nominations.

Following the conclusion of the nomination period, the nominating and membership committee reviewed and deliberated on all candidates and made their committee selections. The selections were presented to the Dean’s Leadership Group in June, for endorsement by the Dean.

The process will begin again in February 2020. Faculty interested in being part of a COM standing committee, please keep an eye out for nomination information.

Congratulations to newly appointed committee members who will serve one to three-year terms depending on the committee. The College thanks you for your service!

Nominating and membership Committee

Chad Donley, M.D.    Rebecca German, Ph.D.   Paul Hartung, Ph.D.

Chad Donley, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Mercy Health, Rebecca German, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology, Paul Hartung, Ph.D., Family and Community Medicine

Raza Khan, M.D. Sue Mercer, M.D.   Ping Zhang, Ph.D.

Raza Khan, M.D., Internal Medicine, Mercy Health, Sue Mercer, M.D., Family and Community Medicine, Ping Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., Integrative Medical Sciences


Kris Baughman, Ph.D. Thomas Boniface, M.D. Adarsh Gupta, M.D.

Kris Baughman, Ph.D. Family and Community Medicine, Thomas Boniface, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, Mercy Health, Adarsh Gupta, M.D., Akron Children’s Hospital

Yoleetah Ilodi, M.D. Amy Lee, M.D. Catherine Mattinson, Ph.D

Yoleetah Ilodi, M.D., Internal Medicine, Summa Health System, Amy Lee, M.D., Family and Community Medicine, Catherine Mattinson, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology

Ryan Nofziger, M.D. Maria Ramundo, M.D.

Ryan Nofziger, M.D., Pediatrics, Akron Children’s Hospital, Maria Ramundo, M.D., Pediatrics, Akron Children’s Hospital

Curriculum Management and Assessment Committee (CMAC)

Julie Aultman, Ph.D. Gary Niehaus, Ph.D.

Julie Aultman, Ph.D., Family and Community Medicine, Gary Neihaus, Ph.D., Integrative Medical Sciences, David Sperling, M.D., Family and Community Medicine, Chris Vinyard, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology

Committee on academic and Professional Progress, Phase 2 (CAPP 2)

Dawn Hubbard, M.D., Family and Community Medicine

Non-tenure appointments and Promotions

Yong Lu, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology, Melinda Smith, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology


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