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College of Medicine Welcomes new Faculty Development Director, Jennifer Hillyer


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Jen Hillyer

Hello! I’m excited to be part of the College of Medicine as the Director of Faculty Development.

Since arriving on campus in mid-July, I have been learning more about the college community I am serving by attending meetings and reaching out to faculty and other stakeholders on an informal faculty development listening tour.  It is my intent to have College of Medicine (COM) faculty development efforts informed by the needs and opportunities identified through these conversations, while recognizing the strengths that exist in our learning communities.

Over the next three months I hope to work with our faculty on both the Rootstown campus and at our clinical sites to identify specific ways in which I can assist them in their different roles.  It is anticipated that COM faculty development initiatives will serve both faculty that are on-campus and faculty at our clinical sites.  Our faculty are diverse and talented, and I want to ensure that any faculty development initiatives are prioritized according to their needs, as well as those of our LCME accreditor, to have an overall positive impact on both faculty and students in the College of Medicine.

Future plans in faculty development include outreach workshops to be conducted at some clinical sites in addition to cultivating efforts on the Rootstown campus.  In the near future, I plan on formulating a mission and vision for faculty development in the COM and develop initiatives that embody and support our faculty’s passion and commitment to education as they emerge.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve and work with the College of Medicine faculty.

Warm regards,

Jen Hillyer

330.325.6471 | jhillyer@neomed.edu


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