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College of Medicine LCME Notification

On Oct. 29, 2019, the College of Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University received notification from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) regarding accreditation for the College’s medical education program.

The College was granted continued full accreditation with warning which means the LCME identified the need for improvement in some of our programmatic elements.

Areas for which improvement is needed include:

  • Curricular management and integration.
  • Faculty sufficiency and feedback to clinical faculty.
  • Assurance of a diverse student body and faculty/staff workforce.
  • Student health and wellness.


The College of Medicine has already made substantial progress on improving many areas of concern. Of note, the areas in need of improvement were based upon data submitted up to and including the LCME site visit survey, which was in March 2019. As a result, the corrective action work and the outcomes of that work since, have not yet been considered.  Again, much work has been done over the past 8 months.

The implementation of continuous quality improvement processes for making positive changes in medical education is an expectation, and the LCME provides support throughout the process. The College was also provided with the following process and timeline for ensuring that the program responds to areas of concern:

  • By early 2020, NEOMED must develop an action plan to address areas of concern.
  • The LCME Secretariat, which consists of experienced medical educators from the AAMC and the AMA who share the formal responsibilities for managing the LCME, will provide consultation in spring of 2020 to review action plans and assure they are aligned for successful outcomes.
  • An LCME limited site visit will be scheduled and completed in advance of the June 2021 LCME meeting.
  • At their June 2021 meeting, the LCME will re-evaluate our medical education program to make a decision about the removal of warning status.
  • The College of Medicine will be notified of their decision within 30 days of that meeting.


For fully accredited medical education programs, like NEOMED’s College of Medicine, the formal self-study process and LCME site team visit generally occur every 8 years. The LCME Secretariat typically contacts the medical school approximately 18 months before the anticipated date of the next full accreditation survey to establish specific dates for the survey visit. The process of LCME accreditation compliance is one of continuous monitoring and quality improvement.

NEOMED’s College of Medicine has been fully accredited since 1981 when its first class graduated.


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