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1.1 CQI and Strategic Planning CQI committee now operational; identified and following up on CQI issues, finished collecting data on Year 1 of strategic plan.
3.3 Diversity Policies in place for tracking diversity in hiring; pending review of diversity data for incoming M1 class and recent faculty/admin staff hires
4.1 Faculty strength New faculty hired  with additional faculty being hired to meet the needs of new curriculum.
4.4 Feedback to clinical faculty New procedure in place; pending completed evaluations of clerkship site directors; associate dean of clinical affairs  hired
6.3 Self-directed learning The 2020-2021 AY curriculum has five self-directed learning activities incorporated in the pre-clerkship curriculum, with two more activities under development.
8.1 Curriculum committee functionality New curriculum charter adopted; curriculum evaluation tools developed, new curriculum committee appointed July 1.
8.3 Curriculum integration and mapping New pre-clerkship curriculum developed for M1 that is intended to be more integrated.  M2 curriculum is under development.
8.5 Student feedback Substantially increased communication between students and college administration. Students submit weekly evaluations of instructional sessions.
8.6 Monitoring of required clinical experiences New procedures developed for tracking completion of the clinical skills experience portfolio.
8.7 Comparability of clinical experiences Clerkship grade data reviewed and discrepancies identified;
9.9 CAPP due process CAPP 2 procedures revised to allow CAPP to make final dismissal decisions
10.2 Admissions Committee authority Bylaws revised to allow admissions chair to vote in case of ties
11.2 Elective guidance New process adopted for M4 elective guidance.
12.3 Student mental health/wellness Mental health/wellness services expanded;
12.4 Student health services On campus health services for students offered starting 11/17/20.


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