Integrated Pathway Programs

Social Justice Pathway Program

The Social Justice Pathway (SJP) at NEOMED is designed to introduce medicine students to contemporary social justice issues that intersect with medical practice, as well as to foster critical thinking on social issues and compassionate care for underserved, marginalized, or otherwise socially disadvantaged and/or vulnerable patient populations.

This program spans all four years of medical school to supplement the M.D. degree curriculum. Students receive training on the issues of stigma, systemic forms of injustice, social determinants of health, and how the power of language impacts the provision of care.

Program Description

The purpose of the NEOMED Social Justice Pathway (SJP) is to train student physicians to address health care inequities and disparities in medically underserved and vulnerable populations. Due to the unequal and inadequate access to care in underserved areas, the goal of the SJP Pathway is to improve health care systems by training medical students to advocate for a fair and just world.


  • Social and academic support from Pathway faculty
  • Monthly seminars on rural health topics
  • Health Coach training and service
  • Early and longitudinal training in the Student-Run Free Clinic


  • Enhanced networking opportunities with healthcare professionals serving underserved communities
  • Enhanced opportunities for interpersonal skills training
  • Enhanced opportunities for professional development focused on social justice


Rebecca Johnson, MS, MEd

Integrated Pathway Programs

Department of Family & Community Medicine