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Are there other pathways like RMED that I can join?

No, currently RMED is unique and the only structured learning community option available to matriculating M1 students. NEOMED has an Urban Pathway through a partnership with Cleveland State University, although that pathway option is only available to students matriculating through the CSU Partnership. Therefore, if you are interested in urban, underserved or other social issues, you are welcome and would fit well in RMED

Will I be obligated to do anything if I apply and am subsequently selected for the RMED?

No, RMED is a “pathway” not a medical school “track”, so everything in RMED is optional. For example, there are no residency placement or service requirements. Still, to be recognized as a RMED Rural Scholar each year students must be active in the pathway.

Will RMED “pigeon-hole” me into rural medicine or being a “rural student”?

No, the Rural Pathway is truly a student-centered learning community. All students are welcome, especially if they aren’t sure what they want to do. Although RMED places you in rural experiences, you still have plenty of urban experiences. In terms of social life, you have more structured experiences with your RMED peers, but RMED students have peer/friend groups outside the program, which is encouraged.

Will RMED conflict with my study schedule or other medical school options?

RMED students consistently say no this is not the case. The RMED assistant director is diligent in scheduling RMED activities around exam schedules. Additionally, all RMED activities are optional so you can make decisions based on the most important tasks in school and your personal life.

Are there scholarship opportunities for RMED students?

Yes, a Huntington Bank – RMED scholarship was recently initiated (non-permanent funds). RMED Students from certain Ohio Counties can apply for $25,000 during M3 and $25,000 during M4. Additionally, many RMED students have received scholarships because of their dedication for diverse and underserved communities.

Will I travel more as a RMED student?

You may travel slightly farther than your traditional peers, but RMED students apply for travel reimbursement which covers gas expenses!

What does being an RMED student mean for specialty choice and residency match?

There are no obligations or requirements for RMED students to match. All specialty interests are acceptable because all student-physicians benefit from learning more about rural populations. Further, the first group of M4 RMED students stated that their RMED activities were viewed positively during residency interviews, regardless of specialty or geographic location.

How much time would I spend doing RMED activities?

This is up to students, given all program activities are optional. In general, time spent in the program is comparable to student interest groups, but RMED is much more than an interest group and students have enhanced educational experiences through their involvement. Note: Many RMED students have asked for more time in the program, although the program is extremely careful not to burden students.


Mike Appleman, M.A. Ed.
Assistant Director
Phone: 330.325.6115


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