Family & Community Medicine

Birth Workshop

The Birth Workshop, developed by faculty at Akron General Hospital, Aultman Hospital, Summa Barberton Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and the NEOMED department of Family and Community Medicine, provides an opportunity for first year residents from NEOMED partner residencies to review and practice basic OB/GYN skills.


  1. to prepare first year residents for optimal performance during their OB/GYN rotations and when caring for their first obstetric patients,
  2. to present components of gestational age assessment
    and physical examination of the neonate.


Following lectures and workshops, residents will be able to:

  • outline primary tasks of prenatal care.
  • describe normal progression of labor.
  • interpret fetal heart tracings.
  • determine fetal position and presentation.
  • demonstrate effective use of protective equipment.
  • manage the third stage of labor.
  • identify risk factors for bleeding.
  • determine the expected delivery date
  • select/perform procedures during labor
  • recognize the three stages of labor
  • assess dilation, effacement, and descent
  • demonstrate a routine spontaneous vaginal delivery
  • assess vaginal trauma and perform vaginal repairs
  • document with accuracy prenatal, labor, and postpartum procedures


Julie Stier


College of Medicine at NEOMED