Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

The Pediatrics Clerkship is a continuous three-week rotation focused on the undifferentiated patient in the acute care setting. This clerkship is designed to provide all third-year medicine (M3) students with an introduction to the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes of emergency medicine that are essential to the fundamental education of all physicians.

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Clerkship Goals & Objectives

The overall goal of the Emergency Medicine Clerkship is the mastery of basic core competencies that are essential for practice as a competent physician, regardless of career focus.

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Performance Requirements

Students must meet minimum performance requirements to complete the Emergency Medicine Clerkship satisfactorily.

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Course Administration

Clinical Experiential Director & Course Directors

Dr. Rebecca Merrill is the Clinical Experiential Director for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship and in collaboration with Dr. David Sperling, Senior Director of Clinical Experiential Learning, and Dr. Susan Nofziger, Director of M3 Clinical Experiences, provides oversight for the clerkship. In her role as Clinical Experiential Director, Dr. Merrill is responsible for ensuring that implementation of the Emergency Medicine Clerkship curriculum is consistent across all teaching sites.

Rebecca Merrill, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Akron General
Email: rmerril123@yahoo.com
Phone: 330.344.6326

David M. Sperling, M.D.
Email: dsperling@neomed.edu
Phone: 330.325.6778

Susan Nofziger, M.D.
Email: snofziger@neomed.edu
Phone: 330.325.5907

Course Coordinator

David Ruble, M.S.
Email: druble@neomed.edu
Phone: 330.325.6140


Lori Ramsey
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 330.325.6588
Email: lramsey@neomed.edu

Department Chair

Nicholas J. Jouriles, M.D.
Phone: 330.325.6588
Email: jourilesn@usacs.com

Department of Emergency Medicine

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