Anatomy & Neurobiology

Teaching & Curriculum

Our faculty seek to integrate the principles of basic science with clinical correlates to prepare our students to become informed physicians and health researchers.

Professional Courses

M1 Human Development & Structure

This basic science course encompasses an integrated exploration of the human body from the level of gross anatomy to microscopic and submicroscopic anatomy and histology for medical students.

M1 Medical Neuroscience

This basic science course integrates basic information relative to the structure and function of the central nervous system with clinical material commonly encountered in the practice of medicine.

M4 Clinical Epilogue & Capstone: Teaching in Medicine

This course will use a blended classroom approach to prepare graduating medical students for their new roles as educators in their residency and their practice.

M4 Advanced Anatomy Dissection

This laboratory course will provide fourth-year medical students with an opportunity to perform full-body cadaveric dissections in teams using a traditional regional anatomy approach.

M4 Surgical Anatomy

This course is designed to provide 4th-year medical students with a comprehensive, detailed review of the anatomy relevant to common approaches used in surgical procedures, including a review of important anatomical landmarks, potential pitfalls and complications.

Graduate Courses

BMS 70729 Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience

This course covers in depth the basic tenets of neuroscience and neural signaling in preparation for understanding neural function at a systems level. Topics include neurons and glia, molecular biology of channels and receptors, cellular neurophysiology, membrane potential and action potentials, synaptic transmission and integration, synaptic plasticity, nervous system development and patterning, synaptic connectivity, repair and regeneration, sexual differentiation, and neural aging. (Course offered through KSU, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, BMS 70729).

BMS 60451/70751 Current Research in Auditory Neurobiology

This presentation-based course covers recent research advances in hearing function and dysfunction, in relation to the central and peripheral auditory nervous systems.


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