PI Facilitation

The College of Medicine (COM) Faculty Development office has offered several 90-minute, CME-approved, peer instruction (PI) facilitation workshops since the adoption of PI in the 2020-21 AY. As done in the PI question item writing workshop, PI facilitation workshops are structured similar to a PI session with pre-workshop (preparatory) materials and opportunities to apply the information in polls and discuss with peers in small groups. The following learning objectives are addressed in the workshops as participants:

  • Recognize generational characteristics that impact communication in the learning environment
  • Outline practices to establish a supportive and structured learning environment
  • Identify strategies and prompts for facilitation through the PI session phases and transitions
  • Differentiate appropriate tactics in navigating challenging questions, behaviors, and incorrect answers


To assist faculty with writing their own PI question items, several faculty resources have been created by COM faculty development.  One of these resources is provided below as it provides a short 2-page overview of a peer instruction session.



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