Curriculum Change Initiative

Message from the Dean

The College has launched a comprehensive process to design and implement a pre-clinical, integrated systems-based curriculum with a focus on active learning strategies. An FAQ with details about the curricular initiative can be accessed here.  The goal is to deliver a student-centered medical school curriculum that will be aligned with best educational practices nationally. We have engaged with many students, as well as junior and senior alumni and clinical and Rootstown-based faculty. They have consistently told us that an exceptional student experience provides the foundation for students to excel in:

  • Patient care with humanistic values
  • Clinical competence
  • NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) performance
  • Residency competitiveness
  • Residency readiness
  • Personal wellness


The College has a long history of excellence as measured by 39 years of exemplary physician graduate success.  Students past and present are clear about their educational and wellness needs. We are, therefore, confident about the direction in which the College is moving to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. And in doing so, the College is positioned for sustainable excellence.

I look forward to collaborating with students, faculty, staff and alumni as we transition to this new curricular model.  Each of us can have a positive impact on our students’ experiences. The College needs everyone’s support and engagement to be a part of the “exceptional student experience” that we all want our students to have.

We will be sharing information regularly. The FAQ provides information about how you can get involved. If you have questions not addressed in the FAQ, please contact Jennifer Lint,

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Jennifer Lint

Curriculum Change Initiative

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