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Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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The Strategic Planning Continuum

Phase One

Strategic priorities reflect our mission, vision and values, and represent our high-level direction as an organization. These priorities were developed by asking ourselves who we are and where we are going. A process of environmental scan and contextualized analysis was used to define and refine our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and understand the markets and communities we serve.

Our goals describe our context and expectations that require consistent focus across our College to develop and maintain them. The tactics were specified in order to accomplish the strategic priorities and were collected and refined through a process that involved stakeholders from the College of Medicine in addition to many of our clinical and educational partners.

Strategic priorities and associated tactics will be reviewed annually, refreshed as necessary and monitored by the committee.

Phase Two

In this phase, departments adopt and align with the strategic priorities and tactics set out by the College. This is the phase during which specific department-level tactics, actions and expectations are developed, and the corresponding department-level budgets are established that reflect this alignment.

Phase Three

The final phase of strategic planning links individual performance to the strategic plan. The strategic plan will only be accomplished if everyone in the College is committed to and focused on obtaining the goals set out by both the College and the departments.

Implementation of the strategic plan will require working groups to finalize the goals and tactics outlined in the plan. Over the next several months, the Dean’s Office will develop a continuous monitoring and evaluation process, assign responsibility and finalize implementation of the plan that will guide the College of Medicine from 2019 through 2022.


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