Human Resources

Program Offerings

All NEOMED faculty and staff and their spouses are eligible for various program offerings. Enrollment in NEOMED’s medical benefits is not required for most offerings; however registration on the Wellness Portal may be required.

Wellness Challenges

Each year NEOMED will offer two wellness challenges. Wellness campaign challenges are designed as six week challenges selected to contribute to our overall theme of the year.  Each challenge is targeted to encourage improvement in lifestyle behaviors. To participate in challenges registration on the wellness portal is required.


Flu Shot Clinic

A flu shot clinic is provided to all faculty, staff and their dependents ages 14 or older without consideration to their medical plan enrollment.

Educational Presentations

Educational presentations can range from 30-60 minutes. The topics will vary encompassing all aspects of wellness. Educational topics for 2017 are still to be announced. Presentations can also be streamed through the Wellness Portal.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

A Health Risk Assessment is an online questionnaire that evaluates health risks and quality of life. The HRA assess health status, estimates level of health risk and inform and provides feedback to participants to motivate behavior and reduce health risks. The assessment is not required, however completing your assessment is required if you wish to receive the wellness discount on your medical benefits.

Sequoia Wellness Membership Reimbursement

Available to employees who have membership at Sequoia Wellness and meet the established requirements for a quarterly reimbursement.

Wellness Rewards

Wellness rewards are available to faculty and staff and their spouses who are registered for the wellness portal. Those who participate in the wellness campaign challenges and participate in activities on the portal will be eligible to win wellness rewards such as vacation days, personal training sessions, activity trackers, gift cards and more!

Wellness Discount

The wellness discount is a discount off your medical benefit contribution and is available to faculty and staff and their spouses who meet the discount requirements. Requirements are likely to change from year to year.


Office of Human Resources
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