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Eligible employees may choose from two medical options through Mutual Health Services: Core Plan and Enhanced Plan. Employees may choose employee only, employee plus spouse, employee plus children or family coverage. The plans utilize the Medical Mutual SuperMed PPO network and offer different premium rates, deductible amounts and out-of-pocket co-insurance payments.

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In 2015, NEOMED implemented a spouse/partner carve-out plan provision.

  • CARVE-OUT:  If the employee’s spouse/partner is eligible for medical coverage at his/her place of work, the spouse will need to elect his/her employer’s coverage.
  • Spouse/partner carve-out is a plan provision that restricts access to medical coverage for the spouse of an employee who is eligible for medical coverage through the spouse’s employer.  Employees with a working spouse who has access to his/her own employer-sponsored medical coverage, will not be eligible to enroll his/her spouse/partner in NEOMED’s medical coverage.  This does not restrict access to dental or vision coverage as the spouse/partner can still be enrolled on dental and vision with no additional charge.

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Optum RX will administer your prescription drugs with both plans.  You will receive a single ID card for Mutual Health Services SuperMed PPO and Optum RX prescription coverage.


Employee contributions are taken on a pre-tax basis and tiered based on salary.


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