Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Graduate Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Applications to the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program are submitted through the GradCAS application system. A $95 fee will be charged at the time of application.

Applications to the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program at NEOMED must be completed by February 1st.

Applicants will need:

  • To hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in chemistry, biochemistry, of the biological sciences or related areas, or a combination of majors such as for a pre-pharmacy or pre-medicine baccalaureate
  • To have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA (Students with a 3.4 GPA or above will be given preferential consideration for admission) or a 3.3 graduate GPA
  • To complete the NEOMED online admission application, including payment of the $95 application fee
  • To submit an updated CV containing contact information, education, employment, scholarly activities, and licensure (if applicable)
  • To submit a personal statement describing how this program would further one’s goals
  • To submit official transcripts from all institutions that you have taken courses at. This includes both undergraduate and graduate courses
  • To submit letters of recommendation
  • To be a U.S citizen/U.S. permanent resident (latter must submit documentation of status during application process) or have a J-1 Visa (link for J-1 Visa eligibility requirements)


Application requirements are also listed here.

Decisions are made approximately 60 days following the application close date. All applications are reviewed in February. On-campus interviews will be held in March and are by invitation only. Final admission decisions are made by April 15.

Classes for the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program will begin in late August.

Financial aid

The Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program costs $638 per credit hour, with an additional $11 per credit hour for out of state students. For credit hour information, visit the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Curriculum Webpage.

Tuition remission is available for those enrolled in the Ph.D. in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program for their required TA work completed during the program.

Stipend support is provided to those students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program.


Starting Base Stipend                                 $22,000 Years1-2

After Completion of Candidacy                 $23,000 Year 3

After the Completion of Prospectus          $24,000 Year4-5

An applicant’s FAFSA can be submitted prior to application but it is not required to be completed before hand.


The M.S. degree is 45 credit hours. 22 credit hours of core curriculum, 14 hours of research, and 9 hours of thesis research, culminating in a written thesis and thesis defense.

The Ph.D. degree is 90 credit hours. 30 credit hours of core curriculum, 30 hours of research, and 30 hours of dissertation research, culminating in a written dissertation and dissertation defense.

More information


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