Medical Ethics & Humanities

Examining professional & ethical responsibilities in providing optimal care

As medical science and technology continues to advance, there is an increasing concern over professional and ethical responsibilities in providing optimal care to patients and their families, and addressing issues among colleagues and institutions including, but not limited to, effective utilization of scarce or limited resources, disclosure of conflicts of interest, balancing healthcare delivery with clinical research, and developing  therapeutic relationships in light of controversial public health policies and laws.

Medical Ethics & Humanities Certificate

(Formerly the Bioethics Certificate Program*)
This nine-credit program, which can be acquired in less than nine months, is ideal for the busy healthcare professional or student who wishes to combine clinical practice with ethics consultation, education, and research.


Course topic examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Bioethics Research and Presentation
  • Foundational Course in Biomedical Ethics
  • Health Care Justice
  • Pharmacy Ethics
  • Professional and Ethical Conduct of Research
  • Clinical Ethics


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*Curriculum will remain unaltered.


Julie Aultman, Ph.D.
Program Director

Medical Ethics & Humanities

College of Graduate Studies