Health-System Pharmacy Administration

Preparing leaders in health-system administration

Building on clinical competence to develop administrative, financial and leadership skills related to health-system administration, which will enable them to manage complex health-system pharmacy departments at the institutional and department levels.

The health-system pharmacy administration degree program offers two tracks; a combined Master of Science (M.S.) degree/residency or an M.S. degree only.

Master of Science Degree Program

The M.S. degree only track provides flexibility and may be completed in two to four years.

Combined Master of Science Degree/residency Program

The combined M.S. degree/residency program requires 40 semester hours with a concurrent two-year specialized residency in pharmacy administration at the Cleveland Clinic or Akron General Medical Center; both must be completed in two years.


Course topic examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Research Methods in Pharmacy Practice
  • Financial Accounting
  • The Health Care System
  • Personnel Management
  • Innovation Project I and II


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