Faculty Status

Full-time Rootstown-based and/or affiliated faculty are eligible to apply for one of three categories of graduate faculty status:

Doctoral Graduate Faculty

The following criteria must be collectively satisfied for appointment into the Doctoral Graduate Faculty

  • Must be full-time Rootstown based or Affiliated Faculty
  • Must possess an earned research doctorate (Ph.D.) or the equivalent in a professional field (For example; Pharm.D., M.D., etc.).
  • Members must document significant achievements in research or scholarly or creative activities, which demonstrate mature, sustained, independent work and which have brought professional recognition according to national standards.
  • Members must have an ongoing research program.

In addition, demonstrated experience in directing theses and dissertations, in graduate teaching, and other scholarly activities shall be taken into account for consideration of appointment.

New faculty who have a doctorate degree and who have completed a research dissertation within the past five years, may be admitted to the Doctoral Faculty on the basis of the degree and the research dissertation. If admitted on this basis, they will be evaluated after five years for continued appointment to doctoral faculty status on the basis of the then current doctoral faculty criteria.

Regular Graduate Faculty

  • Must be full-time Rootstown based or Affiliated Faculty
  • Must possess a terminal degree appropriate to the specialty or equivalent qualifications
  • Otherwise does not meet the requirement for Doctoral Graduate Faculty membership

All appointments at the Doctoral, Regular and Adjunct graduate faculty levels will be for five years.

Faculty holding these appointments all have voting privileges on the graduate faculty council.

Adjunct Graduate Faculty

  • Available to adjunct, part-time, visiting or other faculty members with similar situations
  • Appointment usually given to allow for the performance of a specified graduate faculty function (teaching, committee service)
  • Non-voting with regard to graduate faculty council issues
  • Appointment for two years


Application process for membership to the University Graduate Faculty.

Required documents:

  • Cover letter requesting appointment
  • C.V.  including the following information:
    • Current research activities
    • Current and pending funding
    • Publications and other scholarship
    • Experience with graduate education
    • Other information pertinent to the appointment


The request for membership is submitted to the departmental chairperson. Upon review of the material he/she forwards the material with a recommendation to the Graduate Faculty Council.

The Council approves or disapproves the recommendation and informs the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies who notifies the applicant of the decision of Council. An applicant may appeal a decision directly to the Council.


Nona Hose
Executive Administrative Assistant
Phone: 330.325.6499
Email: nhose@neomed.edu