Inclusion and Engagement

Inclusivity Center

The purpose of the Inclusivity Center is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for various activities such as meetings, speakers, and events as they relate to the University’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. All are welcome at the Inclusivity Center, which provides a space for students, faculty and staff who partake in its offerings to feel a sense of belonging, be engaged, and know they are valued. The center also provides a variety of diversity-related resources.

The Inclusivity Center can comfortably seat 8-10 individuals and includes a TV, phone with speaker, and dry erase board.

The center can be reserved by contacting the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 330.325.6733 or by sending an email to Andre Burton at

Commitments of the Center

Cultural Competency

The center will provide resources to educate campus about cultural worldviews; attitudes towards cultural differences, and knowledge of different cultural practices.


The activities within the center will be empathetic to the concern for the needs, well-being and interests of all individuals.


The center will appreciate various cultures and the benefits they can bring to us all. The activities of the center will embrace the cultures that are represented at the University.


The uniqueness and similarities of all those who engage within the center will be celebrated.


All those that gather in the center should feel they can bring their “whole self.” Individuals should be respected and respectful of others. A gathering place where all who partake in its offerings will have a sense of:

  • belonging
  • feeling respected
  • feeling engaged
  • feeling valued


The center is a place where all will feel a level of supportive energy for our contributions. Every individual is diverse and this center is welcoming to everyone who brings their collective uniqueness to the common good.


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