Inclusion and Engagement


Joining the Diversity Council is a great opportunity to have a direct influence on the diversity and inclusion initiatives set forth and carried out by our University.

As a presidentially appointed position on a standing University Council, final candidates are forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Office of the President for approval to ensure equal representation from each College as well as designated offices.

The Diversity Council is made up of a 20 member committee of NEOMED-affiliated individuals in various membership positions, including:

Faculty Member

One member per college who holds a faculty position to serve a three year term


Faculty and/or staff with a general interest in diversity and inclusion to serve in three year terms

Standing Appointments

As a presidentially appointed council, standing appointments include the council chair and representatives from the following offices and departments:

  • Diversity Affairs
  • Enrollment Services
  • Human Resources
  • Institutional Research
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Student Services
  • Wasson Center

Student MemberS

First- and second-year students from each College have the opportunity to serve on the Diversity Council. Upon entering their first year, students in each College will be asked to nominate a peer for a two-year term.

*Students are self-nominated and/or nominated by their peers.

General Nomination Criteria

  • All candidates must have a positive attitude toward and commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Willing to serve the full term indicated for their position
  • Maintain regular attendance at Council meetings
  • Serve as productive contributors to the shared responsibilities associated with the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

The Diversity Council is not currently seeking nominations for membership. However, members of the NEOMED community interested in getting involved with diversity initiatives are encouraged to contact Andre Burton, VP for Human Resources and Diversity at


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