Charles Thodeti Ph.D., FAHA, FCVS

Charles Thodeti Ph.D., FAHA, FCVS

Phone: 330.325.6423
Email: cthodeti@neomed.edu

Room: RGE-343

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Academic Title(s)

  • Associate Professor of Integrative Medical Sciences


Dr. Charles Thodeti is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Medical Sciences, NEOMED. He obtained his Ph.D. in Zoology from S.V. University, India. He did post-doctoral training at Lund University, Sweden and later held a research faculty position at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Before joining NEOMED, Dr. Thodeti was an instructor at Harvard Medical School. His laboratory works on mechanotransduction mechanisms in cardiac remodeling and pathological angiogenesis. His work has been supported by NIH-NHLBI (RO1 and R15), NIH-NCI-(R15) and AHA (Scientist Development Award, Grant-in-Aid and Transformative Project Award). He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of cardiovascular physiology and cell biology. He serves as an editorial board member for Circulation Research, Scientific Reports and Microcirculation, and as a reviewer for more than 30 top-tier journals. Dr. Thodeti is a study section member for AHA and NIH.

Area of Expertise/Research Interests

  • Mechanical signaling in Vascular Growth (Coronary, Tumor and Retinal Angiogenesis)
  • Mechanotransduction mechanism in cardiac fibroblast differentiation and cardiac remodeling
  • Extracellular Matrix, Integrin and RhoGTPases in cell adhesion, migration and differentiation
  • Ion (TRPV) channel function in the regulation of vascular tone
  • Eicosanoid signaling in cancer and inflammation


  • NEOMED Outstanding Faculty Research Award-2019
  • Mario Toppo Distinguished Scientist Award-2018; ASIOA
  • Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA)-2016
  • Fellow of American Physiological Society-Cardiovascular Section (FCVS)-2016
  • NEOMED Junior Faculty Award-2015


  • President, ASIOA (Association of Scientists of Indian Origin in America) 2020-2022
  • Chair-APS-CV section Fellowship (FAPS-FCVS) Committee, 2018-2021
  • Member-APS-CV section Steering Committee, 2018-2021
  • Member-Membership Committee-Microcirculatory Society
  • Editorial Board Member: Circulation Research, Scientific Reports, Microcirculation


  • Adapala, R., Kanugula.A, Paruchuri, S., Chilian, W.M. and Thodeti, C.K. (2020) TRPV4 deletion protects heart from myocardial infarction-induced adverse remodeling via modulation of cardiac fibroblast differentiation. Basic Res Cardiol 115(2):14.
  • Duah, E., Teegala, L.R., Kondeti, V., Adapala, R., Keshamouni, V., Kanaoka, Y., Austen, K.F., Thodeti, C.K. and Paruchuri, S (2019) Cysteinyl leukotriene 2 receptor promotes endothelial permeability, tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA 116(1):199-204
  • Guarino, B., Adapala, R.K.., Kanugula. A.K., Lenkey, N., Dougherty, J.A., Paruchuri, S., Khan, M. and Thodeti, C.K. (2019) Extracellular vesicles from pathological microenvironment induce endothelial cell transformation and abnormal angiogenesis via modulation of TRPV4 channels. Front Cell Dev Biol 7:344
  • Cappelli, H.C., Kanugula, A.K., Adapala, R.K., Amin, V., Sharma, P., Paruchuri, S., and Thodeti, C.K. (2019) Mechanosensitive TRPV4 channels regulate tumor vascular integrity and metastasis through stabilization of VE-cadherin junctions. Cancer Lett 442:15-20.
  • Kanugula, A., 1. Adapala, R., Midha, P., Cappelli, H., Meszaros, J.G., Paruchuri, S., Chilian, W.M. and Thodeti, C.K (2019). Novel non-canonical regulation of soluble VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling by mechanosensitive ion channel TRPV4. FASEB J 33(1):195-203.