Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

Masks, Face Coverings & PPE FAQs

Will the University provide me PPE during the return to campus phases?

The University is responsible for providing personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to perform tasks safely, which is to be differentiated from the face coverings necessary to return to campus.  If  PPE (i.e. surgical masks, N95 respirators, gowns, gloves) has been deemed necessary to safely perform specific work tasks, it is still required. However, much of the University’s PPE was donated to area hospitals to manage COVID-19. Some types of PPE, such as respirators and surgical gowns are still extremely limited.  Therefore, there may be significant delays in the University’s ability to replenish those supplies. If the required PPE is not available, the tasks may not be performed until appropriate PPE is secured.

Will the University provide me the face covering necessary to meet the terms and conditions of NEOMED’s phased in return to campus plan?

While some non-medical masks or face coverings may be available for purchase or donation, it is the individual’s responsibility to secure an appropriate face covering for return to campus. Please refer to the CDC guidance on wearing, washing and making face coverings*.

Under what circumstances am I required to wear my face-covering?

All employees/students must secure and wear a cloth face covering at all times while on campus. Facial coverings are not required when working alone in an assigned work area.

How do I properly wear the face covering now required by NEOMED?

Please see the CDC guidance* on the proper way to wear, remove and clean cloth face coverings or masks.

May I use a face shield in place of a cloth or surgical mask?

No, Face shields are not a substitute for cloth masks. If desired, face shields may be paired with a cloth mask or surgical mask.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

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