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Research Consultation Network

The Research Consultation Network (RCN) is an emerging network of researchers from around the state of Ohio who are currently engaged in research on jail diversion programs, including Crisis Intervention Team training (CIT) and mental health courts. Researchers participating in the RCN are from different colleges, universities and state agencies throughout Ohio.

The RCN was formed in response to a growing need of communities to demonstrate the effectiveness of the diversion programs that are being implemented. The Criminal Justice CCoE is working with the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services and the Specialized Dockets section of the Suprement Court of Ohio to organize and operate the RCN.

Goals in shaping jail diversion research

  • Assist in developing tracking procedures and outcomes for research initiatives and evaluation related to jail diversion
  • Disseminate jail diversion findings throughout the state and country
  • Build a collaborative research agenda among leading researchers in the criminal justice and mental health fields

How can the Research CONSULTATION Network help You?

The RCN connects local researchers interested in jail diversion to local community stakeholders. These researchers will serve as consultants to individual communities and provide technical assistance with research and data analysis issues that may arise. The RCN consultants will be avilable to assist communities by:

  • Providing information about the type of data to collect
  • Advising on the process of collecting data
  • Offering support with data analysis

more information

While this project is still in development, we hope that in the near future the RCN will be available to assist your community. If you are a program coordinator or community stakeholder interested in engaging research consultation with an RCN member in your area, please contact Ruth Simera, Director, at 330.325.6670.

If you are a researcher and would like to become a member of the RCN, please contact Christian Ritter, Ph.D., Research Director, or Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., Research Coordinator at 330.325.6182


Phone: 330.325.6670

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