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Ohio CIT Peer Review

The Ohio CIT Peer Review Process is a voluntary and collegial process built on a quality improvement approach to strengthen our collective understanding of the core elements and best practices within CIT programs. The Peer Review process is built on a continuous learning approach that allows communities interested in improving their program, a process to receive very specific feedback on their implementation and adherence to the CIT core elements; allows peer reviewers to also learn ways to strengthen their CIT programs through lessons learned acting as a reviewer; and better positions the CCoE to provide ongoing technical assistance based on exemplary practices from Ohio’s CIT programs.

Peer Reviewers include consultants of the CJ CCoE, and CIT Coordinators from mental health, law enforcement and advocacy organizations around the state. Each process results in a site visit and written report to aid communities in further developing their CIT programs.

If interested in completing a Peer Review, contact Officer Jeff Futo at


Is a collection of unique and/or best practices gleaned from Peer Assessment reports and site visits of Ohio CIT programs.

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