Where the Money Goes

For nearly 50 years, NEOMED has offered a quality education at an affordable price. The University maintains such balance by increasing nontuition revenue through philanthropic support, public-private partnerships and other means.

This page describes how NEOMED invests its financial resources to better serve you and to further our mission.

2022-23 Tuition and Fees

Information related to tuition and fees is subject to change without notice. Please consult the bursar’s site for current fee assessments.

College of Medicine

M1 [Foundations]


M2 [Clinical Medicine]


M3 [Core Clerkships]


M4 [Advanced Electives]


College of Graduate Studies

Costs are per credit hour

Master in Public Health


M.S. or Ph.D. – Basic and Translational Biomedicine


M.A. in Medical Ethics and Humanities


Master in Foundations of Medicine


Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science


Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia


College of Pharmacy

P1 [Foundations in Pharmacy]


P2 [Essentials for Practice and Care]


P3 [Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Care]


P4 [Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences]



  • Tuition costs do not include room and board, books, health insurance, transportation and other indirect fees.
  • Non-Ohio resident surcharge is $41,687 for each year in M1, M2, M4 and $55,576 in M3.
  • All amounts are per credit hour. Please note that College of Graduate programs have varying credit hours.
  • Non-Ohio resident surcharge is $11,946 in P1, P2, P3 and $14,935 in P4.

From where does NEOMED receive revenue?

Total Revenue: $87.9 Million

50% Tuition

29% State government

21% Grants and contracts

Where does the money go?

Total Expense: $78.8 Million

Instruction & Departmental Research 27.5%
Separately Budgeted Research 11.4%
Public Service 7%
Academic Support 9%
Student Services 2%
Institutional Support 9.9%
Operation & Maintenance of Plant 8.7%
Scholarships and Fellowships 2.8%
Auxiliary Expenses 2.9%
Other (interest expense, depreciation expense, etc.) 18.9%


  • Auxiliary Expenses includes expenses for the bookstore, conference services, NEW Center, parking and printing services.
  • Other includes interest expense, depreciation expense and loss on disposal of fixed assets.
  • Data is based on NEOMED’s Fiscal Year 2022 audited financials, and is presented under the accrual basis of accounting, and therefore, includes non-cash expenditures such as depreciation.



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Where the money goes

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