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After more than 40 years, NEOMED continues to offer a quality, affordable medical education. The University strives to maintain such balance by creating public-private partnerships as additional revenue and service sources and by generating philanthropic support to advance students, innovation and research, and community health through its comprehensive fundraising campaign, Shine On.

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College of
Graduate Studies


College of


College of


Public Health


P1: Foundations & Essentials to Understanding Dosage Forms


M1: Basic Courses Essential to the Understanding of the Science of Medicine


Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine


P2: Essentials to Understanding Medication Use Systems


M2: Transitional Courses Essential to Understanding the Science and Practice of Medicine


Pharmacy Administration


P3: Essentials to Understanding Patient Safety


M3: Core Clerkships Essential to the Practice of Medicine


Medical Ethics & Humanities


P4: Advanced Electives & Capstone Essential to Patient-Centered Care


M4: Advanced Electives & Courses Essential to the Practice of Medicine


Modern Anatomical Sciences

From where does NEOMED receive revenue?

Total Revenue: $89.5 Million

27.7% State Government

21.4% Research Grants

40.7% Tuition

10.2% Other

Where does the money go?

Total Expense: $83.8 Million

Instruction & Departmental Research 20.5%
Separately Budgeted Research 15.5%
Public Service 2.4%
Academic Support 11.4%
Student Services 3.4%
Institutional Support 15.2%
Operation & Maintenance of Plant 8.9%
Student Aid 2.2%
Auxiliary Expenses 9.7%
Other (Interest Expense, etc.) 10.8%


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Tuition costs do not include room & board, books, health insurance, transportation and other indirect fees.

Graduate Studies credit hour enrollment varies by student. Amount shown is based upon 12 credit hours.

For additional information on Non-Ohio resident surcharges visit Tuition & Costs.


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