NEOvations – Bench to Bedside


A: While we remain flexible with open enrollment, please keep in mind that those who join early have more time to develop and design their prototype.

A: Yes! The NEOvations B2B program is specifically geared towards students with no background in product design. The interdisciplinary teams, workshops, and seminars provide you with the information you need to successfully design and create a prototype.

A: No. While having an idea at the start would be helpful, there will be opportunities to interact with physicians/clinicians throughout the program so you can learn about various unmet clinical needs and decide which is the best fit for your team.

A: Students are given the freedom to choose their own teams.  Introductory sessions are held to allow students to interact and select their teams.  See the calendar for session dates, times and locations.

A: The recommended size is five to six participants, however there is no team size limit.  We highly recommend building a diverse team that includes members from each discipline (medicine/pharmacy/science, business, law and engineering). Individuals with different backgrounds have different types of expertise which can be helpful during the design process.

A: No, there is no hard deadline.  We advise teams to form sooner rather than later so that they have ample time to select an idea, establish team guidelines and begin work on their ideas.  Teams may add/remove members at their own discretion.

A: There will be multiple events to interact with participants and find a team.  However, if you’re still having difficulty, NEOvations B2B leaders can help you get in contact with more people.

A: Yes.  There is no set limit to the number of teams you may join.  However, please remember design development can be time-consuming so take that into account when joining multiple teams.

A: Competition prize money may only be used to further prototype research and development. It may not be used for personal expenses.


Phone : 330.325.6417
Address: 4209 State Route 44, Rootstown, Ohio 44272