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COM – LOA Clinical Skills Assessment Policy

Policy Number: 3349-AC-428
Effective Date: 07/02/2020
Responsible Department: Office of the Dean and Medical Education
Approval Authority: Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Responsible Department: College of Medicine, Office of the Dean and Medical Education

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure a consistent practice of administering clinical skills assessments to College of Medicine students returning to the curriculum after a leave of absence.

B. Scope

This Policy applies all students in the College of Medicine returning to the curriculum from a leave of absence (for any reason) lasting six months or longer.

C. Definitions

  1. LOA: Leave of absence for any reason
  2. CSA:  Clinical skills assessment
  3. CAPP:  The Committee on Academic and Professional Progress

D. Policy Statement

  1. Students returning to the M2 curriculum from a LOA will be required to take CSA I for formative feedback.
  2. All students returning to the M3 curriculum from a LOA will be required to take CSA II for formative feedback.
  3. All students returning to M4 curriculum from a LOA will be required to take the final CSA III for formative feedback, regardless of whether they have taken and passed Step 2 Clinical Skills examination.
  4. Feedback will be shared with the appropriate course director(s)in the year the student is re-entering. Students will be made aware that this feedback is being shared for their educational benefit.
  5. Students will be informed of the CSA requirements via their CAPP results letter before they go on leave.


Lisa Noland
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 330.325.6354
Email: lnoland@neomed.edu

Office of General Counsel

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