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Administrative Policy: Academic

COGS – Enrollment

Policy Number: 3349-AC-310
Effective Date: 06/19/2017
Updated: 12/15/2020
Responsible Department: College of Graduate Studies

A. Purpose

To define College of Graduate Studies (COGS) student enrollment requirements.

B. Scope

This policy shall include students participating in degree or certificate awarding programs within COGS.  Students participating as part of a dual-degree program will also need to meet the enrollment requirements of any other college they are attending.

C. Definitions

  1. Enrollment Status refers to the amount of time a student spends engaged in COGS coursework.
  2. Student Status, for the purpose of this policy, refers to the code assigned to a student account within Banner defining level of course registration activity in each semester.

D. Policy Statement

  1. Graduate Students must be enrolled in at least one academic term every 2 years (fall, spring, summer) to be considered an active, degree seeking student in the College of Graduate Studies. The Office of the Registrar determines enrollment status based on the number of credit hours attempted.
    1. “Full-Time” students are enrolled in eight (8) or more semester credits.
    2. “Three-Quarter Time” students are enrolled in at least six (6) semester credits.
    3. “Half-Time” students are enrolled in at least four (4) semester credits.
    4. “Less than Half-Time” students are enrolled in less than four (4) credits.
  2. The number of credit hours attempted each semester or each summer term is mutually determined by the student and the advisor and reflects faculty and student effort and the extent to which university resources are utilized. Course loads for full-time students can vary. A student may not enroll for more than 18 credit hours per semester or 12 credit hours in summer, including audited courses, without advisor and the College of Graduate Studies approval.
  3. While the College of Graduate Studies and the individual graduate programs will monitor the enrollment of all students, it ultimately will be the responsibility of each student to ensure that the enrollment provisions of this policy as well as any other requirements of individual programs are being met.
  4. Student status will be recorded as one of the following in the Banner system:
Status Definition
Active Enrolled at NEOMED and registered for coursework this semester in COGS
Stop Out Enrolled at NEOMED and not registered for coursework this semester, still within the length of program requirements
Withdrawn Withdrawn from courses, voluntarily, administratively, or as part of a CAPP mandate
Dismissed Dismissed from COGS
Leave of Absence On an approved Leave of Absence.  See Leave of Absence policy for more information
    1. Minimum enrollment requirements exist to ensure students are progressing in their program of study. The minimum enrollment requirement for the College of Graduate Studies is at least one class every 2 years.  This minimum enrollment requirement should not be confused with the length of study limitations that each program has identified.
    2. Students who do not meet the minimum enrollment requirement will be considered as having voluntarily withdrawn from the College of Graduate Studies and will be administratively withdrawn from their degree program.
    3. Students returning after an approved leave of absence of one or more semesters can obtain registration information from the Office of the Registrar.
    4. Students who have not been actively enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies for two years or more should contact their Program Director and the Office of the Registrar about re-enrollment and/or re-application.


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