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Administrative Policy: Academic

COGS – Academic Standing

Policy Number: 3349-AC-300
Effective Date: 06/19/2017
Responsible Department: College of Graduate Studies
Applies To: COGS Students

A. Purpose

To define categories and definitions of academic standing for students enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies (COGS).

B. Scope

This policy applies to students participating in degree or certificate awarding programs within the College of Graduate Studies. Students participating as part of a dual-degree program will also need to meet the requirements of any other college in which they are enrolled.

C. Policy Statement

The COGS and each of the graduate program directors share responsibility for monitoring graduate student academic performance and degree completion. The minimum academic standards for students enrolled in the COGS graduate programs are as follows:

  1. Grading
    1. Grades used by the COGS include: A,B,C,F, Pass, Fail
    2. A graduate student who receives two course grades of a C or lower is subject to referral to the COGS Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (COGS-CAPP).
  2. Good Standing
    1. To be considered in good standing within the COGS, a student must maintain a graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (letter grade B) or better in all graduate credit courses and must maintain reasonable progress (defined below) toward meeting graduate program progression
  3. Reasonable Progress

Students are required to make reasonable progress toward their degree or certificate completion. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure reasonable progress is made toward the completion of individual programs of study. Examples of reasonable progress include:

    1. Maintaining status as a degree-seeking student by enrolling in coursework required by the program;
    2. Maintaining enrollment standards as outlined in the COGS policy 3349-AC- 310 Enrollment Policy; or
    3. Maintaining a GPA at or above 00.


A student who does not maintain reasonable progress toward a degree or who does not fulfill other graduate program requirements, including those regarding professional standards and misconduct, may be denied further registration in that program by the COGS. The Registrar will make recommendations to the COGS-CAPP if necessary and will place a hold on registration.

  1. Leave of Absence

Students taking an approved Leave of Absence provides an exception to the registration requirements of Reasonable Progress. Students are required to follow guidelines of a Leave of Absence as outlined in COGS policy 3349-AC-330 Leave of Absence policy.


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