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Appendix G – University Standing Committees

Policy Number: 3349-03-72
Effective Date: 09/22/2016
Updated: 11/7/2019
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

D. Identification of Committees

  1. Name and Function – The names and functions of the Standing Committees of the University may be altered upon the request of the Committee Chair or Co-Chairs and upon the recommendation of the Appointing Authority and the approval of the University Bylaws Committee.
  2. Subcommittees – The Standing Committees may develop permanent or ad hoc subcommittees or task forces as are necessary to conduct their business. Subcommittees and task forces may include individuals other than Standing Committee members.
  3. Reporting – Standing Committees shall submit actions and recommendations to the President, Vice President, or appropriate Appointing Authority.
  4. Meetings
    1. Meetings will be held at a time and manner that will promote participation.
    2. Meetings may be held either in person or via electronic means that will allow all the members to fully participate.
  5. Voting
    1. Voting will take place at the meeting in which a quorum is present and voting, whether the meeting is held in person or by electronic means. Voice votes are most common; however, written ballots may be used when appropriate.
    2. If a full vote of the membership is desired, votes may be taken by electronic means.
    3. The Chair of a Standing Committee will vote only in the case of a tie.
  6. Minutes – Minutes of the Standing Committees shall be kept to record the actions of the Committee and shall be available upon request, unless otherwise indicated in Section (F) of these Bylaws.
  7. Nominations for Membership – The University Nominating and Membership Committee (UNMC) will make appointment recommendations to the appropriate Appointing Authority to fill open and/or expiring membership positions in accordance with procedures set forth in Section (F)(1)(a) of this Appendix.
  8. Membership
    1. The membership of all committees shall be informed by accreditation standards and guidelines or other governing law or regulations.
    2. Membership should be diverse to reflect a wide range of opinions and constituents.
    3. Terms of appointment are three (3) years beginning July 1 unless otherwise specified. Terms shall be staggered to provide continuity. A member may be appointed for an unlimited number of terms.
    4. Upon the request of the Committee Chair and approval by the Appointing Authority, a member may be replaced prior to the completion of a term when the member has failed to attend at least fifty (50) percent of the regularly scheduled meetings of the Committee or if there is a perceived conflict of interest.
    5. If a Committee Member is unable to serve because of extenuating circumstances, he/she should notify the Committee Chair, who should solicit a replacement for the position from the UNMC Chair.
  9. Notification – The Appointing Authority shall appoint and reappoint all members in writing, upon the recommendation of the UNMC in accordance with the prescribed committee composition and reporting structure of these Bylaws.
  10. Quorum – The majority of voting members present at a meeting, whether in person or via electronic means constitutes a quorum, unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws or Policies of the University.
  11. Conflict of Interest – Unless otherwise stated in Section (F) of this Appendix, members of a Committee shall be guided by University conflict of interest rules which may limit or exclude any member with a direct personal or pecuniary conflict of interest in a matter from discussion or vote.


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