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Appendix G – University Standing Committees

Policy Number: 3349-03-72
Effective Date: 09/22/2016
Updated: 11/7/2019
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

C. Definitions

  1. “Affiliated Faculty”. A non-tenure track faculty member who is non-salaried or whose primary role is not as a faculty
  2. “Appointing Authority” or “Standing Committee Appointing Authority”. The single Executive, or person designated by them, responsible for and authorized to appoint a Standing Committee of the University.
  3. “Board of Trustees” or “Board”. The governing body for the University and all its
  4. “College”. For the purposes of this Appendix, College includes all the Colleges organized under the authority of the Northeast Ohio Medical University (“NEOMED” or “the University”). Herein the College of Medicine may be referred to as “COM”, the College of Pharmacy as “COP”, and the College of Graduate Studies as “COGS”.
  5. “Dean”. The Chief Academic and Presiding Officer of each of the respective Colleges of the University. The authority and responsibilities of the Deans are further defined in the University Faculty
  6. “Faculty”. Faculty hold tenured, tenure track and non-tenure track appointments that are approved by the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Ohio Medical University.  Full-time and part-time designations for faculty will be determined by their respective College(s).
  7. “President”. The Chief Executive Officer of the University responsible for its overall administration and for enforcing the Bylaws, policies and procedures of the University. The President is an ex officio member of all Standing Committees of the University.
  8. “Salaried Faculty”. A tenured, tenure track or non-tenure track faculty member that is full-time, part-time or co-funded and whose primary role is as
  9. “Standing Committees of the University” or “Standing Committees”. Permanent committees intended to fulfill certain obligations of the University and are appointed to address specified subjects which promote the University’s purpose.
  10. “Vice President for Academic Affairs” or VPAA. The Chief Academic Officer of the University.
  11. “Vice President for Health Affairs” or VPHA. The Chief Health Affairs Officer of the University.
  12. “Vice President for Research” or VP for Research. The Chief Research Officer of the University.


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