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Appendix A – COM Procedure for Appointment, Promotion, Reappointment, and Evaluation of Non-tenure Track Faculty

Policy Number: 3349-03-22
Effective Date: 06/05/2011
Responsible Department: College of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs
Applies To: Faculty, College of Medicine

K. Procedures for Annual Evaluation and Processing Reappointments and Nonreappointments

  1. Non-tenure track faculty employed either full or part-time by the University, shall be evaluated at least annually.
  2. Voluntary Faculty will be evaluated at least every three (3) years; and may, in the discretion of the Department Chair, be evaluated more often using the following procedures.
    1. The Department Chair will request an activity report from the faculty member concerning College related activities.
    2. The Department Chair will review the activity reports using the initial appointment and promotion criteria as a guideline.
    3. The Department Chair will notify a faculty member in writing by March of the intention to recommend non-reappointment.
      1. A faculty member who disagrees with the intention to recommend non-reappointment may request a meeting with the Department Chair within five (5) business days to determine if the matter may be resolved prior to notification of the Dean.
      2. After the meeting, the Department Chair will notify the faculty member and the Dean of the final recommendation.
    4. The Department Chair will forward recommendations concerning nonreappointments and lateral moves to the Dean by March 15.
    5. The Dean’s recommendations along with all others will be forwarded to the President by April 15 for transmittal to the Board of Trustees for final action.
    6. In the event of non-reappointment, the final date of appointment will be June 30 of the same year.

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