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Appendix B – University Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Bylaws

Policy Number: 3349-03-195
Effective Date: 06/05/2015
Updated: 09/25/2018
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

J. Procedures for Processing Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

  1. Initial Appointment
    1. When recommended by the Dean of a given College, the President may approve the creation of a Tenure Track Position.
    2. Where appropriate, when a Tenure Track Position has been authorized, the respective Department Chair will propose a Search Committee to the Dean.
    3. The Search Committee after comprehensive review of the candidates shall forward its recommendation for Appointment to the respective Department Chair.  The Department Chair will forward his/her recommendation to the Dean along with the recommendation of the Search Committee.
    4. Appointments, which have been approved by the Dean, shall be forwarded to the President. If the President concurs, the recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval or ratification.
  2. Tenure and/or Promotion. The Candidate’s rights include the right to:
    1. A full, impartial and confidential review of his/her credentials;
    2. Receive a copy of the Tenure and Promotions Committee’s report and the recommendation of the Dean; and
    3. Appeal to the President a recommendation of the Dean to deny Promotion or Tenure.
    4. Notification for Eligibility to Stand for Tenure and/or Promotion
      1. Notification. The Department Chair will confer in May with faculty who will or must stand for Tenure and/or Promotion consideration in the calendar year.
      2. Intent to Stand for Tenure or Promotion
        1. The process of review for Tenure and/or Promotion will begin on May 15 of the year specified in the Candidate’s Letter of Offer or amendments thereto.
        2. By May 15, a Candidate for Tenure and/or Promotion shall notify the Department Chair in writing of the intent to stand for Tenure and/or Promotion.
      3. Process of Evaluation for Tenure and/or Promotion
        1. Independent External Evaluators
          1. By May 15, the Candidate must submit a list of at least 3 suggested Independent External Evaluators to the Department Chair.
          2. By June 1, a list of at least five Independent External Evaluators will be identified by the candidate’s Department Chair and transmitted by the Chair to the Candidate. This list may or may not include Independent External Evaluators from the Candidate’s list.
          3. Within 5 working Days, Candidates have the right to review the list of Independent External Evaluators and provide, in writing, reasons why any of the proposed evaluators should not be contacted.
          4. The Department Chair, in consultation with the Dean, will determine whether the Candidates challenge to an Independent External Evaluator will be upheld, and whether any Independent External Evaluator should be removed from the list and replaced with another Independent External Evaluator.
          5. If an Independent External Evaluator is removed from the list, another may be added and the same right of the Candidate to challenge will apply.
          6. By June 15, this process shall be completed.
        2. Preparation of Materials for Independent External Evaluators
          1. By May 15, the Candidate will submit to the Department Chair an unalterable electronic file (e.g., PDF with a security setting) containing his/her Curriculum Vitae and an unalterable electronic (e.g., PDF) file of up to five sample publications, which the Candidate deems to be significant and representative of his/her work, for external review. The Candidate will also include a two page or less narrative summary providing a synthesis of the importance of his/her work.
          2. Each Candidate will be asked to sign a waiver of access form for all Independent External Evaluations.
          3. The Department Chair will transmit the unalterable electronic file by June 15 to the Independent External Evaluators. The Department Chair should request confirmation from the Independent External Evaluator verifying receipt.
          4. Evaluation letters must be returned to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs by August 15.
      4. Transmission of Completed Dossier
        1. By August 15, the Candidate shall submit a complete and unalterable electronic (e.g. PDF with a security setting) Dossier to his/her Department Chair (see Appendix A). The original Dossier must be reviewed for its veracity and completeness and attested to, signed by the Candidate
        2. By September 15, the Department Chair will transmit to the Tenure and Promotions Committee Chair via the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs a letter of evaluation, Candidate’s Dossier and Curriculum Vitae in an unalterable electronic file (e.g. PDF with a security setting). A copy of the Candidate’s initial Letter of Offer shall be provided to the Committee by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
        3. By the end of the first full week in November, the Tenure and Promotions Committee Chair will forward in writing the Committee’s recommendation and reasons therefore to the respective Dean.
        4. The Dean may, in his/her discretion, seek confidential advice and counsel to further inform him/her prior to rendering a final recommendation to the President.
        5. On or about November 21, the Dean will notify the Candidate, the Department Chair and the President in writing of the following and will provide a copy of:
          1. The Tenure and Promotions Committee’s recommendation,
          2. The respective Dean’s recommendation and the reasons therefore; and,
          3. Notification of the right to appeal a negative recommendation by the Dean to the President.

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