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Appendix B – University Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Bylaws

Policy Number: 3349-03-195
Effective Date: 06/05/2015
Updated: 09/25/2018
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

G. Procedures for Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review

The performance of all Faculty will be evaluated annually by the Department Chair.  For faculty in the Probationary Period the Department Chair will, to the extent possible, incorporate information provided by the Tenure Advisory Committee. The evaluation will provide for constructive feedback to the faculty member. A comprehensive Post-Tenure Review will be undertaken when a faculty member receives two (2) unsatisfactory evaluations by the Department Chair in a four (4) year period in accordance with guidelines established within the individual Colleges.

  1. Review Materials. The Tenured Faculty Member under review shall submit a current Curriculum Vitae, a listing of all courses taught over the previous four (4) years, a summary statement of professional and scholarly activities and accomplishments, annual performance and teaching evaluations, faculty improvement leave reports, a summary of significant administrative accomplishments, and other materials deemed appropriate by the faculty member.
  2. Review Procedure
    1. The review shall be conducted by an ad hoc committee of five Tenured Faculty. Two members shall be appointed by the Dean of the College in which the faculty member holds his or her primary academic appointment, two members shall be appointed by the faculty member under review, and one member shall be appointed by the University Faculty    The Chair shall be appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs after consultation with the College Deans.
    2. The faculty member under review has the right but is not obligated to meet with the committee conducting the review.
    3. The committee conducting the review shall review and consider the faculty member’s current responsibilities and duties and all materials submitted by the faculty member. The review committee may solicit materials as it deems necessary to complete its review.
  3. Consequences for Unsatisfactory Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review
    1. The consequences of an unsatisfactory evaluation may include the faculty member’s loss of University office or laboratory space, denial of salary increases, and/or sanctions as set forth in the University Faculty
    2. If a sanction as set forth in the Bylaws are recommended, the procedures set forth in Appendix D of the University Faculty Bylaws will be employed.
  4. Evaluation Report
    1. The final report of the committee and its recommendations shall be provided in writing to the faculty member, Department Chair, Dean or Dean’s designee for review and action as necessary.
    2. If disciplinary action is recommended, the procedures set forth in Appendix D of the University Faculty Bylaws will be employed.

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