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Appendix B – University Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Bylaws

Policy Number: 3349-03-195
Effective Date: 06/05/2015
Updated: 09/25/2019
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

A. Purpose

The Faculty Bylaws concerning Appointment, Promotion and Tenure of Tenure Track Faculty (the “Bylaws”) are set forth herein and are designed to cultivate a diverse body of faculty that demonstrates sustained excellence and distinction in scholarship, education, service and clinical care, if appropriate.   To this end, the Bylaws define the nature of Tenure; the faculty who are eligible for appointment and consideration for Promotion and/or Tenure; the process for the comprehensive, fair and orderly consideration of appointments and the granting of Tenure; criteria that are to be applied in making these decisions; and mechanisms for the assurance of due process and good faith resolution of conflicts arising out of the Bylaws.

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